GC-rich DNA Amplification

GC TEMPase master mixes

GC 2x master mixes are ready-to-use mixes based on either GC Buffer I or GC Buffer II. GC TEMPase master mixes are specifically developed for the amplification of GC-rich DNA sequences.


  • High success rate with amplification of GC-rich DNA
  • High sensitivity, specificity and product yield
  • Diminished formation of non-specific products
  • Reaction set-up at room temperature


GC-rich 2x master mixes consist of TEMPase Hot Start DNA Polymerase combined with either GC Buffer I or GC Buffer II, dNTPs and MgCl2. Just add DNA template and primers to successfully carry out PCR.

4x GC Buffer I and II are also available separately.


If your PCR fails with TEMPase Hot Start Polymerase in combination with Ammonium Buffer, we kindly recommend you to try TEMPase in combination with GC Buffer I either as master mix or GC-rich DNA Target Kit.  If your amplification is still not satisfactory, then switch to GC Buffer II.
To save time both GC buffers can be tested at the same time.



Six genes with varying percentage of GC contents were amplified with Standard Buffer (lanes S), Ammonium Buffer (lanes A), GC Buffer I (lanes I) and GC Buffer II (lanes II). M. Marker. With an increasing percentage of GC content in the expected amplicon, Standard Buffer and Ammonium Buffer fail to support the correct amplification products, while GC Buffer I and GC Buffer II succeed. Correct amplified products are encircled.

Product info

GC TEMPase master mixes

2x Master Mix I
2x Master Mix II


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