High Fidelity


AccuPOL DNA Polymerase is a thermostable high fidelity DNA polymerase with proofreading ability.

AccuPOL is recommended for PCR applications, which requires extremely high fidelity and/or blunt ends.

The fidelity of a polymerase refers to its ability to insert the correct base during PCR. On the contrary, the rate of misincorporation is known as a polymerases error rate. AccuPOL DNA Polymerase is a DNA polymerase with a low error rate, promoting a very high degree of accuracy during amplification of the DNA target of interest.

AccuPOL DNA Polymerase is is manufactured in-house in accordance to our ISO 9001:2015 quality management system, ensuring that each batch possess the same robust performance every time.

Accupol DNA polymerase is available in different standalone variants supplied either without buffers or in kits including MgCl2 and Ampliqon PCR buffer for highest PCR performance and tedious reaction optimisation.

The combination of AccuPOL DNA Polymerase + Ammonium Buffer ensures the highest PCR performance without tedious reaction optimisation.


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