PCR is a significant and widely used technology in molecular biology. PCR applications have evolved dramatically during the last 20 years. PCR applications covers a wide range in the fields of cloning, sequencing, diagnostics tests and forensic analysis.

Ampliqon has developed a product range consisting of advanced PCR technologies covering the needs for reliable and high quality products intended for modern PCR applications.

Ampliqon is well recognised for our more than 20 years of experience within innovation and development of standard products for PCR applications. Our specialised knowledge of both enzyme purification and DNA amplification provides our customers with robust and reliable PCR enzymes of highest quality.

The full product range of Ampliqon PCR enzymes covers all standard DNA amplification set-ups in use in modern laboratories. Our PCR enzyme customer network embraces Danish and international life science research and educational institutions, hospitals, biotech industries and distributors.

In addition to our standard portfolio we also produce customised PCR enzyme solutions.


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