Glycerol Free Products

Ampliqon Taq DNA Polymerase Glycerol Free  and TEMPase Hot Start DNA Polymerase Glycerol Free are a glycerol free formulation of the  respective stand alone DNA polymerases.

The glycerol free products are manufactured in-house in accordance to our ISO 9001:2015 quality management system, ensuring that each batch possess the same robust performance every time.

Glycerol is normally a major part of the storage buffer for enzymes, and acts as a cryoprotectant. Glycerol disrupts the water structure and makes the buffer more cell like, thus stabilising the polymerase. Glycerol is a highly viscous liquid and is therefore difficult and time-consuming to pipet accurately, especially in smaller volumes.

As a consequence, pipetting glycerol in fast robot-aided automation processes is almost an unsolvable challenge. Furthermore, the presence of glycerol in the enzyme buffer makes freeze drying impossible.