PCR Buffers


An optimal buffer system is essential to perform successful PCR. Reliable PCR results depend on many factors: the quality of the DNA and primers as well as the PCR instrument itself.

Ampliqon has developed different Tris-based buffer solutions to meet different requirements in PCR applications. The buffers are commonly supplied in 10x formulations with 15 mM MgClincluded. Ampliqon buffers are also available without Mg2+ and Tween 20.

Buffer convenience and user-flexibility is achieved by the ability to choose either the right DNA Polymerase/buffer combination or the optimal buffer based Master Mix among the wide range of Ampliqon's DNA polymerase products. All Ampliqon DNA Polymerases and Master Mixes are available with different buffer options, making it easy to choose either the right combination of DNA polymerase and buffer or the correct master mix, for matching different PCR applications and PCR assay conditions.

Ampliqon recommends Ammonium Buffer for most PCR applications. It promotes robust amplification, high yield and high specificity.


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