Ampliqon Iqon Dna Ladder

Iqon DNA Ladders

Mini DNA Ladder, Low DNA Ladder and PCR Ladder

Iqon DNA Ladders are convenient ready-to-use dsDNA ladders supplied in 0.5 ml packs for 100 lanes.


  • For direct loading and easy visualization
  • Cost-saving
  • Suitable with TBE and TAE electrophoresis systems
  • Clear and distinct bands
  • Blue dye front running at 100-300 bp at 1–1.6 % agarose


Iqon DNA ladders are available in three size ranges:

Iqon DNA Ladders are supplied in a loading buffer, which are ready to use on agarose and SDS DNA gels. Iqon DNA Ladders are suitable with both TBE and TAE electrophoresis systems.

- Iqon Mini DNA Ladder, 100-500 bp, 100 lanes
- Iqon Low DNA Ladder, 100-1000 bp, 100 lanes
- Iqon PCR Ladder, 100-3000 bp, 100 lanes

5 µl of Iqon Mini DNA Ladder, Iqon Low DNA Ladder and Iqon PCR Ladder was loaded on a 1.5 % agarose in 1x TAE and stained with ethidium bromide. Estimated concentrations of each DNA band are indicated.

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