– by choosing Ampliqon to handle the production of your laboratory reagents

  • Approved handling and labelling:
    Ampliqon takes care of the required authority approvals for handling hazardous and toxic raw materials.  Labelling of your reagents are in compliance with CLP and GHS. All laboratory reagents is provided with safety data sheets.

  • Maximal shelf life:
    Your laboratory reagents come with maximal shelf life, as our products are freshly produced and shipped immediately after production. Delivery time is 1- 5 days depending on destination.

  • Consistent batch to batch quality:
    The entire production is ISO 9001:2015 certified. All laboratory reagents are produced according to approved procedures and with traceable documentation.

  • Safety improvement for employees:
    Avoid the handling of concentrated toxic and hazardous raw materials. Ampliqon take care of the handling as well as the required official approvals for handling and labelling of toxic substances.

  • Time saving:
    Prioritise your core activities, in the meanwhile Ampliqon produces the laboratory reagents matching you need.

  • Cost saving:
    You save the cost of investing in stock raw and toxic materials, the management of stock supplies and unused materials, the handling of authority approvals, labelling, the production of the reagent itself, packaging.

  • Space saving:
    Ampliqon provides you with storage and specialised laboratory areas.

  • Specialised laboratories and equipment:
    Ampliqon has specialised equipment, certified production facilities and routine procedures to handle all kinds of chemical substances including toxic and hazardous materials.


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