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G2 DNA/RNA Enhancer

G2 DNA/RNA Enhancer is developed to increase the yield of microbial DNA during DNA extraction from difficult matrices for example clay and soil samples. The primary function of G2 DNA/RNA Enhancer is to relieve inhibitory DNA - particle or other inhibitory DNA complexes.


  • Inhibition of DNA and RNA sorption to clay particles
  • Increased microbial DNA and RNA yield at least 2-10 fold.
  • No trace of endonuclease-, nicking-, exonuclease- or RNase activity
  • Patent EP2 443 251


G2 DNA/RNA Enhancer is available freeze dried with 0.1 mm or 1.4 mm beads in a 2 ml tube. G2 DNA/Enhancer is also available in liquid format in three packing sizes including either 10, 50 or 100 reactions of 500 µl.

G2 DNA/RNA Enhancer should be used in combination with either a standardised extraction methods or commercial kits intended for DNA & RNA extraction.



In low biomass clay sub-soils the addition of G2 DNA/RNA Enhancer has a large effect on DNA yield. Using a commercial kit, intended for extraction of DNA from soil, the increase in DNA yield with G2 DNA/RNA Enhancer was up to 10-fold. Samples was tested by 8 different laboratories. 25 samples with and without G2 DNA/RNA Enhancer beads were extracted in each laboratory. All the samples were analysed using rpoB gene copy number. The triplicates DNA extracts were tested for significance using T-test.

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G2 DNA/RNA Enhancer

0.1 mm G2 Enhancer Beads
1.4 mm G2 Enhancer Beads
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