DNA/RNA extraction

Q-Extract DNA Extraction Solution

Q-Extract DNA Extraction Solution provides fast and easy extraction of PCR-ready DNA from a broad range of mammalian tissues, plant leaves, bird feathers, fish fins and saliva.

The PCR-ready DNA is extracted, using one tube and one reaction, in as little as 8 minutes.


  • One-reagent set-up
  • Minimal handling
  • Rapid 8-minute protocol
  • PCR-ready DNA
  • DNA extracts from mammalian tissues, plant leaves, bacteria, bird feathers and fish fins
  • Non-toxic reagents
  • Scalable set-up
  • Automation-friendly


The non-toxic Q-Extract DNA Extraction Solution is optimized for easy extraction of PCR-ready DNA. DNA can be extracted from various mammalian tissues e.g. mouse tails, ear snips, liver, kidney, lung and plant leaves and saliva.  

The one-step lysis is performed in either a thermocycler or heating block and is divided into two simple heating steps. The extracted DNA is ready for PCR without further handling such as vortex, centrifugation or dilutions.

DNA extraction from fish fins and bird feathers is similar but requires prolonged incubation for optimal lysis.

The obtained DNA extract is stable at - 20°C for up to one week and at - 80°C for long term storage.

For optimal genotyping results we recommend the Q-Extract DNA Extraction PCR Kit or the Q-Extract DNA Extraction Hot Start PCR Kit. These kits combine the easy DNA extraction by Q-Extract Solution and the user-friendly Taq DNA Polymerase 2x Master Mix RED or TEMPase Hot Start 2 x Master Mix BLUE for PCR.




Q-Extract DNA Extraction PCR Kit was used to extract and amplify genomic DNA from various mammalian tissues. For DNA extraction, 0.5 -10 mg tissue or 20 µl salvia was added to100 µl of Q-Extract DNA Extraction Solution. M: DNA marker Iqon Low DNA Ladder. Lane 1-5: Different mouse tissues as depicted, GADPH (266 bp). Lane 6: Chicken muscle tissue, HRPT1 (245 bp) and Lane 7: Human saliva, DMD17 (415 bp).



The performance of Q-Extract DNA Extraction Solution was compared to fast DNA extraction protocols from competitor L and B. DNA was extracted from 3 mg of chicken muscle tissue using the respective extractions solutions and the recommended protocols. A four-fold serial dilution of the extracted DNA was amplified using Taq DNA Polymerase 2x Master Mix RED. The results indicate that the quality and yield of DNA extract using Q-Extract DNA Extraction Solution is slightly better than that of competitor L, but lower than competitor B. The protocols for Q-Extract DNA Extraction Solution and competitor L are similar. Both protocols provide reliable PCR-ready DNA in 9 to10 minutes. Competitor B provides DNA with higher yield, but the protocol from supplier B is less user-friendly, takes double time and requires more handling. M: DNA marker Iqon Low DNA Ladder. Lane 1-7: Chicken HRTP1 (245 bp).



In order to investigate the flexibility of Q-Extract DNA Extraction protocol, varying amounts of chicken muscle tissues were added to 100 µl of Q-Extract DNA Extraction Solution. The extraction was conducted as specified in the datasheet for Q-Extract DNA Extraction Solution. The extracted DNA was subjected to PCR using Taq DNA Polymerase 2x Master Mix RED. The results show that the Q-Extract DNA Extraction protocol provides the user with a high degree of flexibility over a wide range of applied sample amount. M: DNA marker Iqon Low DNA Ladder. Lanes 1-28: Varying amounts (mg) of chicken muscle tissue, HRPT1 (245 bp)

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Q-Extract DNA Extraction Solution

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