Loading Buffers

Loading Buffers - Red, Blue, Orange & Cyan

Ampliqon offers four different loading buffers, with different dyes and migration fronts, which makes it easy to select the right loading buffer for your specific task.


  • Ready-to-use buffers
  • 5x formulation
  • Four different tracking dyes available


Ampliqon loading buffers are formulated as 5x solutions containing Ficoll, Tris-buffer, EDTA and either Xylene cyanol FF, Cresol Red, Bromophenol Blue or Orange G as tracking dye.

DNA loading buffers are used for loading DNA samples onto agarose or SDS DNA gels for gel electrophoresis. DNA loading buffers contains a coloured dye and a density agent. The density agent serves to enhance the density of the DNA sample allowing the DNA to sink into the bottom of the well. The dye adds visibility to the DNA sample and also serves as a tracking dye allowing the user to monitor the DNA migration during electrophoresis.



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Loading Buffers - Red, Blue, Orange & Cyan

5x Loading Buffer Red
5x Loading Buffer Blue
5x Loading Buffer Orange
5x Loading Buffer Cyan


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