Bulk and OEM Solutions


Ampliqon provides private labelling of Ampliqon products and customized solutions to B2B companies who sell their own branded products and are interested in including the high quality, competences and technology of Ampliqon PCR products into their own product range.


All PCR enzymes, PCR master mixes, PCR buffers can be provided in bulks to fit your choice of fill sizes.


Ampliqon helps you customize formulations of PCR, real-time PCR and RT real-time PCR master mixes to meet your specific needs, including optimized concentrations of any component.

We provide you the optimal solution for your specific needs. Our experience with customization ensures you cost-effective and fast solutions.

We also help you with assay optimization, performance studies and validation services.


Ampliqon offers glycerol free DNA polymerases in the range 5 – 50 U/µl in small to large volumes. Ampliqon has the experience and production facilities to manufacture lyo-ready products. 

  • Glycerol free DNA polymerases 5 - 50 U/µl
  • Lyo-ready DNA polymerases
  • Lyo-ready PCR master mixes
  • Lyo-ready real-time PCR master mixes 

Glycerol free DNA polymerase are well suited for automated high throughput testing, lyophilization or where accurate pipetting of small volumes are crucial.

The lyo-ready products contain all the necessary ingredients such as lyo-protectants, pH stabilizers and antioxidants, which make them completely ready to be freeze-dried. In contrary to the glycerol free products, the lyo-ready products don’t need to be mixed with any other chemicals to proceed with the lyophilization process.

Contact us for more information about our lyophilization (freeze-drying) capabilities and lyo-ready products.


Need help choosing a PCR enzyme product, getting prices, placing an order or tracking an order?

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