Real-Time PCR


RealQ Plus is a product range consisting of different 2x all-in-one master mixes intended for various qPCR applications.

RealQ Plus master mixes contain TEMPase Hot Start DNA Polymerase, dNTP’s, MgCland a specialised buffer system necessary to perform optimal DNA amplification. The RealQ Plus master mixes display high efficiency as well as stability when working with gDNA and cDNA, which ensures the user precise and reliable quantification results as well as presence/absence results.

RealQ Plus 2x master mixes are produced in-house under ISO 9001:2015 conditions, ensuring that each batch possess the same robust performance every time.

RealQ Plus 2x master mixes are available in two variants coming with three different levels of ROX™ reference dye. Use the " Real-time PCR instrument guide" to select the correct level of ROX™ reference dye for your Real-time PCR experiments.


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