RealQ Plus One-step RT-PCR Kit

RealQ Plus One-step RT-PCR Kit provides high sensitivity and can be used for detection of low-copy RNA templates. The high sensitivity is ensured by TEMPase Hot Start DNA Polymerase included in the RealQ Plus RT 5x PCR Mix.

RealQ Plus One-step RT-PCR Kit is optimized for sensitive detection of RNAs.


  • Detection of viral and low-copy RNA templates
  • 5x RT-PCR mix for high sample volume input 
  • High sensitivity
  • Convenient one-tube reaction for reverse transcription and real-time PCR setup
  • Ideal for high-throughput testing
  • Low risk of contamination and pipetting error
  • Compatible with all standard real-time PCR cyclers


RealQ Plus One-step RT-PCR Kit includes the RealQ Plus RT 5x PCR Mix and the 20x RT Mix, which is a blend of a thermostable reverse transcriptase and RNA inhibitors.

For increased user flexibility  ROX™  internal reference dye is also included in the kit. This makes the kit compatible with all standard real-time PCR cyclers.



Use the Real-time PCR instrument guide to find the correct level of ROX™ internal reference dye matching your Real-time PCR instrument.


Product info

RealQ Plus One-step RT-PCR Kit

With 5x PCR Mix, 20x RT Mix and ROX


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