Ampliqon has long term experience with OEM and offers re-branded and customized PCR enzymes, PCR master mixes, PCR kits and DNA extraction solutions according to your needs.

Over the years we have helped several business partners accelerating their innovation and time into the market with OEM and customized solutions.

Customized products and kits are manufactured for e.g. diagnostic companies and minor start-up companies interested in selling their own branded products and/or outsourcing part of their production and product development.

It is your choice; customized kit reagents, bulk formats, lyophilizing, glycerol free products.

Manufacturing and packaging are performed to match your needs and brand.

Product support is included for as long as Ampliqon manufactures your products.

Samples of rebranded and customized products depend on the product and mutual agreement.



Need help choosing a PCR enzyme product, getting prices, placing an order or tracking an order?

Call +45 70 20 11 69 or send an email to enzyme@ampliqon.com