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Low Range DNA Ladder

Low Range DNA Ladder is a convenient ready-to-use dsDNA ladder supplied in 0.5 ml packs. It ranges from 100 - 1 000 bp and is mass-calibrated from 20 - 100 ng for easy DNA quantification.


  • Ready-to-use loading buffer
  • Molecular range from 100 bp to 1 000 bp
  • Mass-calibrated bands from 15 -100 ng for DNA quantification


Low Range DNA Ladder is supplied in a loading buffer that is ready to use on agarose and SDS DNA gels. High Range DNA Ladder is suitable with both TBE and TAE electrophoresis systems.

Ampliqons DNA ladders are available in two other size ranges.


Low Range Ladder: Molecular range from 100 - 1.000 bp. Mass calibrated bands from 20 - 100 ng for DNA quantification.

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Low Range DNA Ladder

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