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  • Content and quality of chemicals (p.a., Ph.Eur, microbiological etc.)
  • Batch size
  • Water quality (Deionised, redistilled, Milli-Q etc.)
  • Or choose from more than 1000 existing Ampliqon product recipes


  • Mixing, heating and dissolving
  • Handling of toxic and hazardous substances
  • Sterilisation - Sterile filtration or autoclave
  • Measurements - pH, conductivity, density, titer of titration, optical density etc.
  • Safety datasheet preparation
  • Filtration - paper filtration, membrane filtration or in depth filtration
  • Aseptic production


  • Filling quantities for liquids: from a few µl to 200 L per pack
  • Filling quantities  for solids: from a few mg to several kg per pack
  • Packaging materials: Glass or plastic tubes, bottles, buckets or cans
  • Labelling: Ampliqon standard labels or your own labels
  • Special packaging: According to your specifications
  • Repacking: Big volume to smaller units, changing packaging etc.

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